Kenneth Ingham Photography | Preparing for your session for males

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Remember: the most important body part for sexiness is your brain.  Sexiness is a state of mind, not an age or body style.

What is needed to make a good sexy image is to flirt with the camera.   Often there is a tease component to the image, saying, "I won't show it to you right now, but maybe later."


I recommend having your hair styled shortly before the session.  I can recommend a hair artist if you are interested.

Bring a brush or comb for touch-ups.


Sexy does not mean nude, although nudity is fine if you are comfortable with it.  You can wear as much or as little as you want.  We will often start non-nude to allow a bit of time to get used to working together.

Pick clothes that you think you look good in.  Your belief that you look good will make you look good.  Confidence is a great aphrodisiac, and your confidence will show in the pictures.

We will have time for three to six outfits.

Clothes should be clean and relatively new---10 or fewer washings is a good guideline.

Be sure that the clothes fit.  Too-small clothing creates bulges and makes even the thinnest person look heavier.

Shoes should be un-scuffed and have clean soles that are not heavily worn.  Note that being barefoot is fine, so shoes are not required.

Here are some ideas for clothing to bring:

  • Well-fitted jeans
  • Tight T-shirt
  • Tank top
  • Underwear: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs
  • Stylish hat
  • A button-up shirt, solid color, preferably darker than your skin color, but not black or navy blue unless your skin is particularly dark
  • A suit and tie, which you can do a striptease set with
  • Jersey and/or other sports clothing for your (or your special person's) favorite team(s)

In the end, the most important part is how you feel when wearing the clothing.


Props can add nicely to a photo.  I have some I will bring or have available, but there are lots of options.

  • Sports paraphernalia (baseball cap, ball, bat; football equipment; etc)
  • Hunting or fishing paraphernalia (ensure that any guns are unloaded, and do not bring ammunition)
  • Any hobby equipment
  • Any musical instruments you play (don't bring the baby grand piano though :-)
  • Clothing from your special person, especially sexy clothing (e.g., you holding the clothing with a "shall we?" look)

The basic idea is that props can give you something to focus on and help bring your personality through in the final image


It is fine to consider a costume from a literary or film character.  However, these often take time, so let's discuss it ahead of time.


Feel free to have music playing.  If we are not at your location, bring a portable music player.  We will have speakers to plug it into.