Kenneth Ingham Photography | Preparing for your session for females

Preparing for your session for females

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The photo session is a celebration of YOU.  It is all about the experience and affirms that YOU are Sexy!

Remember: the most important body part for sexiness is your brain.  Sexiness is a state of mind, not an age or body style.

What is needed to make a good sexy image is to flirt with the camera.  You are saying to the viewer, "I am attractive, and we might have sex at some time in the (near) future."   Often there is a tease component to the image, saying, "I won't show it to you right now, but maybe later."


You can apply your own or hire a professional.  I can provide a make-up artist if you are interested.  You can choose the style.

Do use make-up to minimize or cover any blemishes or minor wrinkles.  This saves editing time and I will be able to produce better photos for you are a result.

Pay attention to eyelashes, eyes, cheeks, and lips.

In general, you want to hide blemishes and enhance your natural beauty.  Here are a few tips:

  • It is best if your forehead and nose do not shine.  These can be corrected with editing, but it takes time on every picture.  Removing shiny skin might not be covered by the included light editing; it depends on the shine and the image how easy it is to remove.
  • On the other hand, shiny lips can be quite sexy.
  • Pay special attention to your eyes and the area around them.  Use makeup to cover signs that you have not had enough sleep or that you have allergies (dark areas below your eyes).  Eye shadow and mascara are up to you; what makes you feel sexier?

Bring make-up for touch-ups.  Remember to bring something to deal with shiny skin, which really shows up in photos.


Tanning outside is OK, but it does leave tan lines unless you are outside in the nude.  In any case, it takes the skin several days to recover from the UV exposure, even more if you burn.  Tanning salons are worse, as they often give you an orange color that the camera will see.  I strongly recommend not using a tanning salon.

Self-tanning cosmetics that you apply yourself are difficult to apply without leaving streaks.

If you feel that you really need to be tanner, go to a professional salon that uses air brushing to apply the tanning solution.

Remember that I can easily warm your skin tones on the computer.


Crash dieting can leave you without energy.  Instead, eat healthy with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and, if you eat meat, lean meat such as skinless chicken breasts and fish.


I recommend having your hair done shortly before the session.  I can recommend a hair artist if you are interested.

Go light on hair spray.

Bring a brush or comb for touch-ups.


Sexy does not mean nude, although nudity is fine if you are comfortable with it.  You can wear as much or as little as you want.  We will always start non-nude to allow a bit of time to get used to working together.

Pick clothes that you think you look good in.  Your belief that you look good will make you look good.  Confidence is a great aphrodisiac, and your confidence will show in the pictures.

We will have time for three to six outfits.

Clothes should be clean and relatively new---10 or fewer washings is a good guideline.

Be sure that the clothes fit.  Too-small clothing creates bulges and makes even the thinnest person look heavier.  The one exception to this is that a bra with a cup size slightly smaller than a correctly-fitting cup can cause bulges that make you look bustier.  In any case, be sure that the straps all fit properly.

Shoes should be un-scuffed and have clean soles that are not heavily worn.  Note that being barefoot is fine, so shoes are not required.

Here are some ideas for clothing to bring:

  • A man's dress shirt, maybe with a loose tie.  You can wear a bra and panties or nothing under it.
  • A button-up shirt that can be unbuttoned with or without anything underneath
  • High heels can be sexy, either alone or matched with underwear and/or other clothing.  Delicate shoes tend to look better than clunky ones.  Watch for scuffs.
  • Boots
  • Your sweetheart's favorite T-shirt and panties or nothing.  Knee socks can add a cute factor.
  • A white sheet that you are wrapped in.  We often have a sheet in our collection of props.
  • Sheer and see-through shirts with or without a bra underneath
  • Matched bra and panties.  Check for tags that will show and remove them.
  • A corset or bustier and panties; this works really well for curvy women.  It can also hide many belly issues.
  • Slip
  • Night gown
  • A sexy costume, purchased or created by you (think french maid, nurse, etc)
  • Jeans or shorts for a bottom, with a bra or topless; you can cover your breasts with your hands if you do not want to be bare in the photo.  Or, you can lie on your stomach.
  • Apron, panties and heels.  You can add in "cooking" props such as cookbook, bowl and wisk, cake/cookies on a plate, etc.
  • Hosiery can include thigh highs, fishnets, garters.
  • Hats (men's such as a cowboy hat or fedora, or women's)
  • Men's ties.  Think about a tie with a bra or less.
  • Teddy
  • A blazer with a bra or nothing underneath
  • Bathrobe with or without anything underneath.  Plus, this gives you something to wear for wardrobe changes.
  • A thong or other very small panties can highlight the curve of your hips and butt.
  • If you are getting married or about to have an anniversary, bring some of your wedding clothes, your garter, veil, etc.
  • Clothes for your sweetheart's hobbies (e.g., skiing clothes, sports uniforms).  For sports, also bring game equipment.

If your breasts are large or pendulous, you will probably look better in a bra in most poses.  If you want to be topless and you have this type of breasts, there are some poses that work.

If your legs have varicose veins, consider stockings and a sexy garter.

If you have lots of stretch marks from a baby, sheer lingerie hides them while remaining quite sexy.

Keep in mind that often dark clothing causes the viewer's eye to go elsewhere and light clothing (and bare skin) draws the viewer's eye.  As with all rules, there are exceptions.

Solid colors tend to do better in photos than patterns.

Remember, bring what you feel good wearing.  You can wear as much or as little in the photos as you want.


The general rule is to bring whatever goes well with your clothing.

A necklace can bring attention to your cleavage/breasts.

Earrings and studs bring attention to your earlobes, which can be a sexy area.

Remember that one of the primary purposes of jewelry is to draw the viewer's attention to a certain place.


Props can add nicely to a photo.  I have some I will bring or have available, but there are lots of options.

  • Fresh flowers/petals.
  • Martini or other adult beverage in an appropriate glass.
  • Hand fan.
  • Scarf; besides as a scarf, it can be used as a bra or tied around your hips to make a short skirt.  Some scarves are sheer.  Less shows through than you might think though.
  • Feather boa.
  • Big feathers.
  • A Santa hat and tree garlands.
  • Paper parasols.
  • Fruit (apples are great, add a lovely pop of color, but a bunch of grapes can look stunning, too.  Remember the obvious implications of bananas).
  • Candy -big lollipops, cotton candy on a stick, licorice, etc.
  • Hair accessories such as a flower, clips, pins, etc.
  • A book or magazine.  If it is related to a sexy theme, it can be used for that purpose.  It can also hide parts you do not want to show.

The basic idea is that props can give you something to focus on and help bring your personality through in the final image


It is fine to consider a costume from a literary or film character.  However, these often take time, so let's discuss it ahead of time.


Feel free to have music playing.  If we are not at your location, bring a portable music player.  We will have speakers to plug it into.