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Finding poses

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Something that can be both fun as well as useful is to look at poses that you think are sexy and that you think would work well with you.  Doing this can help you get into being sexy.  Do not stress over this, as I have studied how to pose people to bring out their best and I can handle this portion.

To find sexy poses, here are some places to look:

  • Flickr; in particular, search for sexy pose.  Note that to see all of the photos (those where the model is less dressed or nude), you have to create a Flickr account (you can use your Facebook or Google accounts to avoid having to create a new one).  You also might have to indicate if you want to see moderate (partial nudity) or restricted (nude) photos in the results.
  • Pinterest; again, search for sexy pose.
  • If you are on Google+ or Facebook, you can also search for sexy pose.
  • If you are a larger woman or particularly curvy, you might look for "BBW" or "Big Beautiful Woman".  Be careful, as these phrases can also lead to porn sites.

Send me any that you think would work well for you.

You might consider practicing some of these poses in front of a full-length mirror.