Kenneth Ingham Photography | Frequenty-Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently-Asked Questions

Do I have to be nude or topless?

No.  The brain is the most important sexual organ.  What makes someone sexy is how they feel and act.  The right look with your eyes can be incredibly sexy.  Some nude images are not intended to be sexy (think artistic nudes, with an example here, the ToeSox ads, or this Wikipedia article).  What is needed to make a good sexy image is to flirt with the camera.  You are saying to the viewer, "I am attractive, and we might have sex at some time in the (near) future."   Often there is a tease component to the image, saying, "I won't show it to you right now, but maybe later."  Contemporary burlesque dancers specialize in the tease part. Many of them are very sexy, and not all are thin.  Look through the examples on this web site.  Watch people on TV, in movies, and just having fun and you can see examples.  Pick what you think works and practice it.  Violet Blue has written a book about flirting, and much of the advice applies to still images as well as being sexy for your special someone.

Having said this, if you want to be nude or topless, that is fine.  We will discuss your comfort level before we begin shooting and occasionally during the photo session.

Who will see the pictures you take?

We value and protect your privacy.  We will always discuss this at the photo session, and you will sign a form indicating if and how we can use the photos.  If you prefer that we not use the photos in any way, your pictures will be seen only by me, my photo assistant, and whoever you decide to share them with. Kenneth has a Ph.D. in computer security, so he has excellent skills to ensure that your pictures are protected.

Who will be around during the photography session?

Kenneth will have a female photo assistant for female clients.  She will help with setup, lights, and adjusting your clothing or helping with poses.  For male clients, we will discuss the gender of the photo assistant; we will have whatever gender makes you more comfortable.

You are welcome to have a friend with you, but your friend should be someone with whom you are comfortable seeing you wearing lingerie and posing sexy.  Your friend needs to avoid giving input, coaching, or supplying photo ideas during the shoot as this will hinder your ability to connect with Kenneth and relax with the flow and the photography.

Nobody else will be around.

What does it cost?  What do I get?

See the various packages.  Custom work is no problem, so you can get exactly what you want.  Note that we do no less than two-hour sessions, because we have found that the customer relaxes as the session progresses and the photos get better.

I want a session, but it costs more than I can afford.

Kenneth sometimes is willing to trade your signing a release to let us use the photos in return for a reduction in the rate.  The amount of reduction depends on three factors: (1) how useful to us the photos you want would be (e.g., if you want photos that are different in some way from what we already have, they are more useful to us), (2) what we can do with the photos (e.g., use them on this web site, use them on printed materials, etc), and (3) what, if any, limits you place on which photos from the shoot can be used (e.g., any tasteful photos, only photos not showing your face, etc).  To discuss options, contact us.

How do I prepare?  What do I wear?

The answer depends on what you want.  We will discuss this when we book the photo session, and Kenneth will email you a reference about what we discuss.

Will you take couple pictures?

Yes.  You can see some examples on the web page.  Kenneth and his photo assistants are non-judgmental, and we welcome all types of couples.

Where does the photo session take place?

You have several choices:

  • We can take the photos at a location you provide (your house, a friend's house, etc).
  • We can take the photos at a local hotel.  This option requires an additional payment for the hotel room, but has the benefit of providing a place that does not need to be de-cluttered before the photo shoot.
  • We will soon have a private outdoor location (usable only when the weather is warm enough). 
  • If you are more adventurous and it is warm enough, Kenneth knows several outdoor areas around the state that work.

How many outfits should I bring?

For a two-hour session, three to six is a reasonable number.  Bringing more is fine; we can look at them and decide together what to start with and how often to change.

Should I bring props?

Sure, bring whatever you feel will help make sexy photos.  Kenneth also has props.

Where do I change outfits?

If we are working at a place you supply, you can change in a separate room or Kenneth will leave the room.  If we are at our outdoor studio, we have a screened area for you.

Is the photographer male or female?

Kenneth is male, and he sees beauty in all women.

I am nervous.

Feeling a little nervous is OK; unless you are a professional model, you do not have this type of photo taken of you regularly.  The reason for a two-hour session is to allow you to relax into the photography.  If it would help you feel better, you are welcome to have a friend with you.  You can always expect the highest level of professionalism from Kenneth.

I feel fat or ugly.

Nobody has a perfect body.  Kenneth specializes in seeing your beauty and sexiness and bringing it out in the photos.  He emphasizes your good parts in the photos.  And, yes, you do have good parts, no matter what your age or body type.  Kenneth has successfully gotten great photos of people who believe that they never look good in photos.  He can do the same for you.

My friend has a camera in their phone.  Why should I pay you?

Your friend might be able to take good photos, in which case that's great.  Look at his/her photos and see if you like them.  Kenneth has years of experience, and he knows about lighting and posing.  You can see the results of this experience on this web site.  Additionally, Kenneth will keep your photos private.

What is your re-scheduling policy?

We really do not want to do this, but repeated changes to the schedule make a mess of it.  When we book your time, we will not accept other bookings for that time; rescheduling affects our ability to make a living.  In all cases, the rescheduling fee will be waived if we manage to place someone else in your reserved slot.  This also means that you can avoid a fee if you find a replacement to use your slot.  Note that because we have to travel to the photo location, there might be restrictions on where this replacement can be.  Additionally, we do not normally schedule beyond six months in the future (but feel free to ask about more distant dates).

You can reschedule once while the session is still at least two weeks in the future with no fee.  Additional re-schedulings at over two weeks lead time will incur a 10% rescheduling fee.

When the time remaining before the session is one to two weeks, rescheduling will incur a 15% rescheduling fee.  If one to six days remain, the rescheduling fee will be 20%.  Under 24 hours and the rescheduling fee is 50%.

What is your cancellation policy?

Just like with rescheduling, when we book your time, we will not accept other bookings for that time.  This means that when you cancel, you have still cost us the opportunity of scheduling someone else.  In all cases, the cancellation fee will be waived if we manage to place someone else in your reserved slot.  This also means that you can avoid a fee if you find a replacement to use your slot, keeping in mind the location issues mentioned in re-scheduling.

If you cancel a booking set for at least two weeks in the future, the fee will be 15%.

When the time remaining before the session is one to two weeks, canceling will incur a 25% fee.  If one to six days remain, the fee will be 40%.  Under 24 hours and the rescheduling fee is 50%.